Herrmann International Group

Herrmann International Group, an innovative German-Iranian investor works in Berlin, Munich and, Tehran.

Herrmann, a specialized holding in the field of the value chain of various industries has always strived to transfer new knowledge and technologies from Germany to Iran during its sixteen years of professional activity. And it has always focused on investing in upstream and downstream industries with a new technological and innovative approach.

The most important concern of Herrmann International Group is to invest, networking and, creating a platform for transferring of technical knowledge and technology from Germany and other European countries to developing countries located in the Middle East, including Iran. This international group attempts to attract and support creative and innovative ideas in emerging industries by investing in Iranian knowledge-based and creative companies.

Herrmann International Group believes that technology combined with innovation and creativity depends only on attracting and applying ideas with the ability to commercialize, as well as attracting talent and young professionals, who always welcome and emphasizes cooperation with technology suppliers to achieve this important goal.


Becoming a domestic and international leading hub for entrepreneurship development in order to optimize various industries with a technological and creative approach by creating a network between suppliers and applicants of European and Iranian technology.


Herrmann’s mission is to create and develop technical knowledge from Europe and transfer technology to developing countries, including Iran. Investment in three production units in Iran and three research and development units in Munich, Tehran and, Kashmar with more than three hundred specialists are the most important achievements and solutions of this international group in order to meet the needs of large and small multinational customer networks in the European Union in the fields of oil, gas, petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical and, food industries.